It’s been proven that advertising with Google AdWords can effectively grow businesses. But what if you could lower your cost-per-click, increase your AdWords Quality Score, and boost your overall conversion rate. . . all by sending your ad traffic to a certain sales page?
Like to Haves pages will do exactly that for you.
Our Sales Pages have been tested and proven to convert more traffic into sales for your business.

Adding your product to Liketohaves is very simple, Fetch an existing product page or create a new product page by hand, just enter a description, headline and upload and image. After you´ve done that set the price.
Make shure to include worldwide shipping costs as on Liketohaves we´ll promotie free shipping worldwide on ALL products.

So if you normally sell an item that weighs 1 kilo for 100 dollar price it a bit higher
on Liketohaves so all your exspensives are covered.

If you don´t have a product to sell look out for a whole sale company that offers drop shipping.
There are thousands of small company waiting for business.

If you need help just send us a message and we´ll get you started.