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An easy way to sell online & a great place to find gifts

Like to Haves is an international shopping mall with a free selling spot for everyone who wants to sell products online. These can be crafts, home and small factory sales.

It is a great solution because it´s very simple, useful, powerful and free.

Start by adding a product that you want to sell, publish it in your own Liketohaves Shop and Send a link out to friends & family.

To work with Liketohaves a Paypal account is required in order to receive your customers payments.
Like to Haves is a free platform that connects sellers with buyers.

Your only sales costs will be the basic commission Paypal chages plus shipping costs.
Currently Paypal charges are 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.
All prices are sold and bought including shipping costs worldwide.
Keep this in mind when setting the price for your product(s).

After a payment you will receive your standard Paypal order notification.
This email contains the Buyers name and shipping details.
We advise to use the Paypal transaction number as your order ID.

Use Liketohaves to share your Sales Pages on Facebook, Promote these post to a filtered audience based on their interests and off you go.

If you have a product that sells well you want your funnel to be as short as possible, on our sales pages buyers are just 1 click away from Paypal and therefor our convertion rates are extremely high.

Our Sales Pages also score very high when it comes to SEO, all basic rules are applied so it comes down to content and relevant back links, which is your job. We have seen amazing results!

You can also publish promotion videos from Youtube or Vimeo, instead of uploading a product image you just paste the, for example, Youtube URL and our platform will import the video to your Sales Page.

If you would like to publish your Liketohaves shop on your own domain name we can help, just write us a message.

There are many shopping systems vary from Shopify, Woocommerce, OSCommerce, Intershop and let´s not forget E-bay. Like to haves is much suitable then the above if you have just a few items to sell or if you are looking for the most easy to use shopping solution to get started with e-commerce, a multi billion dollar business of which you can get your share with the least amount of effort.

Good luck, we wish you many Sales!